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Although the main function of the Academy is to provide Induction Training to the Officer of the Department at entry level, the NADT’s involvement with the professional lives of the IRS Officer continues beyond induction and orientation. It functions as a ‘best-interests’ think-tank; career planning, profiling and progression and continued development of IRS officers in manners maximally productive and serving the national interest are its responsibility. Towards this end, manifold in-service courses are organized by the Academy every year. These are in line with the Department’s overall vision, mission and values of the Academy every year and are organized along the dimensions of personality, skill and information. The following types of courses are organized in the NADT:

·         Induction Training for newly recruited IRS officers

·         In-Service courses

·         International courses

·         Out Reach Courses for Government functionaries

·         Foundation course for entrant civil servants


1.Induction training for newly recruited IRS officers:

            This is one of the flagship training programmes of NADT. Currently it is a 16 month long programme which has been divided into two modules and conducted every year. The training has been designed to enable the officer trainees to acquire the knowledge and skills they need to function effectively and efficiently as a Tax Administrator. The details of the entire training programme is provided separately under the menu head – Induction training in detail. This programme is organized by the course team functioning under ADG – II, Faculty wing at NADT.

2. In-service Courses: 

            The In-service courses are organized by NADT for all the officers of the Income Tax Department for improving the capacities and competencies of Junior and Senior level officers of the IRS. Every year many courses and seminars are organized as per the training calendar approved by the DG training . It also handles the orientation programme of the newly promoted ACsIT almost every year. It is handled by Planning and Research Unit functioning under the ADG –I, NADT. 

3. International Courses:           

            The NADT is conscious of the need to adapt to and harmonize with the changing environments worldwide. Consequently, in recent times, the NADT has expanded its activities into international territory by providing training to revenue and tax officials from several foreign countries.

Training to these tax authorities assist them in handling tax issues in their countries in an efficient manner and also improves our relationship with these countries at a diplomatic level, which is in addition to the opportunities to earn significant revenue for the country.

            In line with the necessity to understand the issues generated by global economic interdependencies, special courses on Transfer Pricing, International Financial Reporting Standards etc. are organized  by multilateral agencies like the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development OECD etc. at the NADT. The International courses are organized by Planning & Research Unit functioning under the ADG-I, NADT.

 4.  Out-Reach Programmes for Government Functionaries: 

            NADT also organizes courses on demand for the officers of other departments and the officer-trainees and other academies. It allows the department to disseminate and share knowledge, skills and other expertise with fellow officers/ officer-trainees of other services, improves co-ordination in the civil services and bridges the gap that often arises while working in silos. This is conducted by Planning & Research Unit functioning under the ADG-I, NADT.

 5. Foundation course:

            NADT is one of the premier academies in Government of India which is imparting foundation course training to the newly recruited civil servants annually. It is organized by the course team functioning under the ADG –II Faculty wing of NADT.


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