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** Training Programme on Soft Skills is schedule to be held at NADT on 27th & 28th April, 2017 **

** Feedback Seminar for the 68th Batch of IRS is scheduled to be held at NADT on 04th & 05th May, 2017 **

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Training Methodology

The training methodology followed at the NADT includes classroom lectures by in-house and external faculty, case studies, group discussions, seminars and presentations, workshops, syndicate group activities, and self-learning exercises. Tutorials are conducted on selected topics or projects to facilitate better interaction among OTs and faculty members. Exercises involving role-plays, management games, and audio-visual presentations including film shows are also organized from time to time. The Academy also invites eminent scholars, distinguished speakers, accomplished personalities from different walks of life, and senior civil servants, to address OTs on matters of topical interest. Further efforts have been made to shift the training methodology from the age old lecture method to participative and experiential learning methods like enlivening practical experiences, case studies, syndicate presentations, group discussions, role play etc to create a learning environment in which the active participation and involvement of the trainees is maximized.

To facilitate independent thinking and development of research capabilities, the Officer Trainees will be asked to prepare a Project in every subject which will have a weightage of 10% in the Internal Evaluation. In the modern tax administration, it is highly imperative that tax officers develop specialization in a particular area and thus the Project Reports are an integral part of the training. These project reports will become basis for identifying the areas of specialization for a particular trainee officer and can help in deciding their career profile for future.

Counselor Group meetings are organized to bring together small groups of OTs under the supervision of a faculty member designated as the “Counselor”. OTs are encouraged to meet and interact with their Counselors as often as they wish to, and can seek his or her help and guidance in all matters, official or personal. Syndicate Group exercises are meant to develop analytical skills and team-work among OTs. For this, groups of 10 to 15 OTs will be formed and each group would be required to make an in-depth study on a chosen topic and furnish a written report under the guidance and supervision of designated faculty members. The report will be followed by a full presentation before the class.

Physical Activity is an integral part of the Induction Course. This includes Physical Training P.T. , Yoga, swimming, aerobics, karate self defense , shramdaan, indoor and outdoor games, sports festivals, athletic meets etc. OTs are expected to actively participate in physical activities.
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