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The Directorate General of Training in the Income Tax Department is headed by a Principal Director General of Training [Apex Scale] has its Head Quarters at the National Academy of Direct Taxes [NADT], Chindwara Road, Nagpur, Maharashtra. NADT is the apex training Institute for the officers of the Indian Revenue Service. The Pr. Director General of Training is assisted at NADT Nagpur by three Additional Director Generals [SAG scale]in the imparting of training and its related activities.


The reach of the Directorate is taken closer to the trainees through the Direct Taxes Regional Training Institutes [DTRTIs]. There are 10 Direct Taxes Regional Training Institutes [DTRTIs] which are located at Delhi Faridabad , Chandigarh, Lucknow, Hazaribagh, Kolkata, Bhopal, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai and Ahmedabad which function under the supervision of the NADT. Each DTRTI is headed by an officer of the rank of Additional Director General [SAG scale]. These Institutes carry out training programmes under the supervision of the Principal Director General [Trg.], NADT. Their training programmes run in accordance with an Annual Training Calendar, approved by the Pr DG[Trg.], NADT. There are 45 Ministerial Staff Training Units [MSTUs] spread all over the country which function under the supervision of DTRTIs


The training of IRS Officer Trainees [OTs] in NADT is a long duration residential training of 16 months. The training pedagogy includes indoor, outdoor as well as collaborative training. The NADT campus has been conceived and developed with an aim to provide a conducive environment to ensure learning insuch long duration trainings by providing facilities to develop the personality of the officers while also helping in breaking the monotony of the long duration of the training. The salient features of NADT campus include: 1. Land Area of about 67 Acres 2. Buildings: Administration Building; Faculty Building; Library Building; Auditorium; Advanced Training Centre; Akshya Mess; Indashala Hostel; Vikramshila Hostel; Nalanda Hostel; Takshashila Hostel; Vaishali Hostel; Residences for staff and Officers; 33 KV Electric Substation; CPWD Electric Service Centre; CPWD Civil Service Centre; Nursery; 90KLD Sewage Treatment Plant; Warehouse. 3. Sports complex and swimming pool; Lawn tennis courts; Basketball Court; Volley Ball Court; Cricket Ground; Foot Ball ground 4. Horticulture Features, lawns, gardens and open spaces.

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