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INTAX is the annual sports extravaganza that is celebrated each year at the National Academy of Direct Taxes. The purpose of INTAX is to inculcate and nourish amongst the Officer Trainees the spirit of sportsmanship, team work, leadership and the courage to not only compete and revel in victory but also to rise from failures.

The entire event is managed by the Officer Trainees with the able guidance of the Course Team and senior faculty members. To ensure efficient management of INTAX the organizational apparatus has been structured across various levels.

The Sports Secretary is the main person in-charge and is assisted by a Sports Council comprising of 12 members. Each Council Member is in turn responsible for the management of a specific sport event. An Executive Committee of five members assists each Council Member to plan and organize the sporting event. While the Sports Council and Executive Members try to make the execution of sporting events glitch free, the House Coordinators two from each house help to organize the Officer Trainees into different teams and streamline the participation from the various houses

 The events are broadly divided across four categories –

1 Racquet sports Badminton, Table Tennis, Lawn Tennis and Squash ,

2 Team Sports Football, Cricket, Volley Ball, Throw Ball, Kho-Kho and Kabaddi , 

3 Track and Field Sprint Race, Relay, Shot Put, Javelin, Discus Throw, High Jump and Long Jump and

4 Indoor Games Chess , Carom , Billiards and Snooker . There are a series of knock out games held prior to the main event in order to arrive at the final teams/players that will proceed to the final stages of games.

INTAX is a platform for challenging ourselves, testing our limits and moving beyond our comfort zone. It signifies the desire for and efforts towards excellence; and at the same time it symbolizes the fun and joy of playing.







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