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The functional jurisdiction of DTRTIs is as follows:

 1  2
 DTRTI   Pr. CCIT Region
 DTRTI Ahmedabad  Pr. CCIT, Gujrat and  Pr. CCIT, Rajasthan
 DTRTI Bangalore  Pr. CCIT, Karnataka & Goa and Pr. CCIT, Andhra Pradesh
 DTRTI Chandigarh  Pr. CCIT, NWR
 DTRTI Delhi  Pr. CCIT, Delhi
 DTRTI Chennai  Pr. CCIT, Tamilnadu & Pr. CCIT, Kerala
 DTRTI Kolkata  Pr. CCIT, West Begal & Sikkim, Pr. CCIT, NER and Pr. CCIT,  Odisha
 DTRTI Patna  Pr. CCIT, Bihar & Jharkhand
 DTRTI Lucknow  Pr. CCIT, UP West & Uttarakhand, Pr. CCIT, UP East
 DTRTI Bhopal  Pr. CCIT, MP & Chhattisgarh and Pr. CCIT, Nagpur
 DTRTI Mumbai  Pr. CCIT, Mumbai and Pr. CCIT, Pune

 The location of DTRTIs and MSTUs is as follows:

 1   2   3 
 MSTU Stations  Pr. CCIT/CCIT Region  Supervisory DTRTI

1. Ahmedabad

2. Baroda

3. Rajkot

4. Surat

1. Pr. CCIT, Gujrat

2. CCIT, Baroda

3. CCIT, Rajkot

4. CCIT, Surat

 DTRTI Ahmedabad

1. Jaipur

2. Jodhpur

3. Udaypur

1. Pr. CCIT, Rajasthan

2. Pr. CCIT,, Jodhpur

3. CCIT, Udaypur

 DTRTI Ahmedabad

1. Bangalore

2. Panaji

1.  Pr. CCIT, Karnataka & Goa

2. CCIT, Panaji

 DTRTI Bangalore

1. Hyderbad

2. Vizag

1. Pr. CCIT, Andhra Pradesh

2. CCIT, Vizag

 DTRTI Bangalore

1. Chandigarh

2. Shimla

3. Amritsar

4. Ludhiana

5. Panchkula

1. Pr. CCIT, NWR

2. CCIT, Shimla

3. CCIT, Amritsar

4. CCIT, Ludhiana

5. CCIT, Panchkula

 DTRTI Chandigarh
1. Delhi 1. Pr. CCIT, Delhi  DTRTI Delhi

1. Chennai

2. Coimbatore

3. Madurai

4. Trichy

1. Pr. CCIT, Tamilnadu

2. CCIT, Coimbatore

3. CCIT, Madurai

4. CCIT, Trichy

 DTRTI  Chennai


1. Kochi

2. Trivendram

1. Pr. CCIT, Kerala

2. CCIT, Trivendram

 DTRTI Chennai

1. Kolkata

1. Pr. CCIT, West Bengal & Sikkim

 DTRTI Kolkata

1. Guwahati

2. Shillong

1.  Pr. CCIT, NER

2. CCIT, Shillong

 DTRTI Kolkata

1. Puri

1. Pr. CCIT, Odisha

 DTRTI Kolkata

1. Patna

2. Hazaribagh

1. Pr. CCIT, Bihar & Jharkhand

2. CCIT, Ranchi

 DTRTI Patna

1. Kanpur

2. Dehradun

3. Ghaziabad

1. Pr. CCIT, UP West & Uttarakhand

2. CCIT, Dehradun

3. CCIT, Ghaziabad

 DTRTI Lucknow

1. Lucknow

2. Bareily

3. Allahabad

1. Pr. CCIT, UP East

2. CCIT, Bareily

3. CCIT, Allahabad

 DTRTI  Lucknow

1. Bhopal

2. Indore

3. Raipur

1. Pr. CCIT, MP & chhattisgarh

2. CCIT, Indore

3. CCIT, Raipur

 DTRTI  Bhopal

1. Nagpur

1. Pr. CCIT, Nagpur

 DTRTI  Bhopal

1. Mumbai 

1. Pr. CCIT, Mumbai

 DTRTI  Mumbai

1. Pune

2. Nashik

3. Thane

1. Pr. CCIT, Pune

2. CCIT, Nashik

3. CCIT, Thane

 DTRTI  Mumbai


By a separate Notification, it has been declared that DTRTI Patna will be located at Hazaribagh. The DTRTI, Hazaribagh and DTRTI, Bhopal are not functional as of now.

The training calendar of DTRTIs and MSTUs is prepared under the supervision of the NADT.

To review the progress made by the DTRTIs and the MSTUs working under it, Annual Trainers’Conference ATC and Mid-Term Training Review Meet MTRM are held.

The inputs and insights on training, effective and scientific evaluation of the training programmes to be conducted during the year, the achievements and shortcomings, infrastructure requirements; requests from field formations, aspects on which training is required in a particular region, planning of future courses, new approaches related issues are discussed.

The Annual Training calendar drawing the various training programmes to be conducted at NADT/DTRTIs is thus prepared based on these discussions.

The scope of training at the NADT, the DTRTIs and the MSTU is as follows:

 Place  Training Target  Scope of Training

1.  Induction Training to newly recruited ACsIT

2.  In-Service Courses of National Importance

3.  In Service Courses for Other Central Service/All India Service organizations

4.  In Service Courses for International Participants-SAARC/ OECD, etc

5.  Orientation Training to newly promoted ACsIT from ITOs


1.   Induction Training to newly recruited ITIs

2.   Orientation Training to ITOs

3.   In Service Training to  Regional ITOs to CITs

4.   In-Service Training to Administrative Officers; Sr. PS /PS

MSTUs ITI and below

1.   Induction Training to newly recruited TA/ST II/Driver; MTS

2.   Orientation Courses for NS/LDC

3.   In Service training to ITIs and ministerial staff EA and below

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