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I.     Hostels Nalanda and Vikramshila

            The Nalanda Hostel is one of the oldest hostels with more than 200 rooms. Many of the batches since the establishment of this academies have numerous memories of their times in this hostel. With the increase in demand for hostel rooms for trainees and increase in the capacity of training programmes in the Academy a new hostel ‘Vikramshila’ has been inaugurated in the year 2012. It is a  modern state of art hostel for officer-trainees with a capacity of 156 rooms.

Nalanda Hostel

Vikramshila Hostel

There is also a limited and separate accommodation facility for married officer-trainees called ‘Avantika’


II.   Guest Houses:

i      Vaishali: It is a VVIP Guest houe with 3 suite/Ganga-Kaveri-Narmada. It is located near the cricket ground and the swimming pool.





ii      Takshashila:       It is a guest house for senior officers and visiting faculty. It is situated near the Nalanda Hostel. It has 30 single rooms and 8 twin-rooms.

iii     With augmentation in number of training programmes and the number of participants, guests and resource persons visiting the campus, another guest house “Indasala” with facilities for international guests/resource persons is being proposed and is under construction. It will have total 56 rooms


III.      Bungalows & Quarters:

            There is DG’s Bungalow which is the official residence of the DG Trg. , Apart from this, there are Bungalows for ADG-I and II, and Type-V and IV quarters for Faculty Members and Type III staff quarters.



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