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National Academy of Direct Taxes

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Advanced Training Centre ATC Lecture Halls at Vallabhi Building


The Advanced Training Centre ATC at Vallabhi Building boasts a state-of-the-art

infrastructure, particularly in its lecture halls, where cutting-edge facilities are seamlessly

integrated to enhance the learning experience.

Here are key highlights about the ATC lecture


  • Situated within Vallabhi Building.  the lecture halls are strategically placed for easy accessibility by trainees.
  • Equipped with the latest technology to facilitate effective teaching and learning.
  • Notable facilities include cameras, microphones, digital screens, smart boards. and projectors.
  • The incorporation of modemn technology enhances the overall teaching and learning process, providing a dynamic and interactive environment for  trainees.
  • The inclusion of digital screens and projectors ensures a visually engaging experience during lectures.
  • High-quality microphones contribute to clear audio transmission, ensuring effective communication in the learning space.
  • The ATC boasts a total of seven lecture halls, providing ample space for various academic activities and programs. 
  • The lecture halls are designed to accommodate a variety of activities, from traditional lectures to interactive workshops and discussions.
  • The combination of modern facilities and a conducive environment ensures an efficient and focused learning experience for trainees.
  • The ATC lecture halls play a crucial role in fostering excellence in training, contributing significantly to the overall success of the educational programs conducted at Vallabhi Building.

In essence, the ATC lecture halls at Vallabhi Building serve as a hub of knowledge and

technological advancement, embodying a commitment to providing Officer Trainees with a

comprehensive and cutting-edge training experience.




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